Press Releases

press releases at Salivation Karachi Expo 2016
press releases at Salivation Karachi Expo 2016

Today,I’m gonna cover an entire event of salivation at Karachi expo 2016.
I’m trying to cover my self .
Event was obviously very huge.I don’t’ think so 1000 words will shorten here.
I’m dyeing to tell you about that.
It was a lots’ of fun in the day of 20 Feb .

SO,Lets’ come to the dot guys!

Luckily, i got the passes through the Ambassadress of salivation.Passes are not easily available at the spots.
I was very happy .

Salivation has given me chanced to be a Early bird of youth.
Its’ a great privilege for know!
so,I stepped out my home at 1:30 sharp.I thought peoples are lately to go there.
Why, i go to the exact time?
The program was started on the dot.
Unfortunately,I missed out the Meh ran khan Duran i show.when,i went to the spot.i felt relax ,oh!I grab the next shows.

Press was marvelous covered the event.
Photographers and beautifully captured the photos and videos.

B.B vines was chatting through the Skype.
Life from India.
B.B vines has a pretty fan following rounds about 7 lac in social media.
Crowd was very cheered & enjoyed to talked buhvan.
He roles his silly character of sameer.
He created this role due of his glasses frame.Lolls!
He used his clumsy & broken glasses frame.
bhuvan shared his motto .

He had never planned to come this field.

I was having a craving.

I had eaten a coffee crunch + chocolate fulled of scopes.

Next segment was Bekar vines.youngsters was warmly welcome to the another icons.

They are the real entertainer comic characters of social media.

bekar vines performed some on air at the stage.
They played some funny videos through projector.
Crowd was really enjoyed his silly jokes.
They was introduced their concept writer and behind the camera celebrities.


They played their valentine videos in last Sunday .
Bekar vines tribute that video for cute princess.
you saw many videos of bekar vines.

Who doesn’t know bekar vines?

The next segment was 3 Idiots.
His famous character was obviously Amir Liaquat .
His notorious dialogue is Abu agaye!!

3 Idiots played some videos through projector.

During the sessions of entertainment.
I hung out with my cox ins. 12718291_535015070004953_3501314648094386371_n

In that time ,i was a made sure ,i got hungry.LOLLS!

I bought some Gol gappa,cholla chatt and a box filled of zinger and fries es. I picked a soft drink .

Dew has Launched 3 exciting flavors in last months.I take a blue one.

We shared all these things at the moment.

So,Finally the long wait was over.

Karachi vines has arrived on the stage.
Superb videos are performed by Vines.

Very Inn funny style shared MCQS video .
I didn’t saw before .Vines shared his videos through the projector.

I sited on the far way is not better idea.
I didn’t captured the pic .


The second last segment was Umair jailawala.
He was drilled his acknowledgment and power.
He is an amazing person of Pakistan.

Salivation is provided a chance to meet him.
He trained the youngster in during 60 minutes.
Its’ a short workshop of salivation.
He done a mind exercise of youngsters.

I was really enjoyed his workshop.
salivation issued the certificates under the supervision of Universities.

He announced the chance of Pak- Awaz.

At the end of his speech.
You have a chance to joined U-Report:Pak -Awaz.

write join and send it to 8623 .
Please get your friends to join as well!.

I’m a die heart fan of Asim Azhar.
Finally,Its’ a time to cheerer at concert.

Admin has announced at this moment.
Asim azhar has officially launched his Ost song of Anaiba commingling serial of ARY.Saajna Song is directed by his Big -B Qasim azhar.

How did it go?
My Experienced was cool.