PR and disclosure policy

would like to addverised products and promted give away.
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PR and Disclosure Policy:

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banners and websites:
i add some banners through my’ strictly poined out my products.i give my reviws on my personal bases.i had a huge knowledge about beauty products and cosmetics.i had been running my own saloon in past years.i had treated many types of skins.every skin is different from other skins.even,if i pick any products from my haul.its’ according to my’ not responsible and obliged.if,i promoting some beauty affilated links.i had never pushed to buy this product.i tell you a very straightly.if you wished to buy this product.i had never convienced for each an every single review. i belived to do in a honestly ..its up to you!i had never promoted poor and bragging brands.i believed a brand quality always.
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