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As you may have guessed,my name is infact kulsoom atiq.

Im’ a foundation holics girl.

I love to picks foundation insteads of lipsticks .obviously,i have a less lipsticks on my makeup organizer.

I love to wear a  super  blended makeup.

I love to create a neutral looks.

Ever,I want to do a less makeup on my face.

I’m into of  soft & matt eyeshadows.

During last 5 years.I’m obessed a rose popurette from L ‘oreal paris dua eyeshadows.

Its’ a best ever eyeshadow on my beauty session.

I have got many eyeshadows palettes.

I love to wear a light shades of lipsticks or flamingo’s lipgloss.

Sparking lipglosses can instantly bright the looks.

my readers made sure see in my recent or last post on my blogs.

“I love makeup and lillys’ beneath the makeup behind the world”

I’m a girl,who wishes for the world!!

Im’ keep enjoying a multiple brands of makeup!

Makeups is always my destinity!!

A girl had never done without makeup!

I just tell you one thing about myself.


In reality, im a very sober person.

If, i go to pick colors.

I will select greys or pastel colors.

i hade a number of Sonia kushuk,MAC,SEPHORA,May beline,L ‘oreal Paris,Juicy couture,VICTORIA SECRET and many more!





Inside my story:

I’m a passionate writter.

Due of that! .i had running my skills  in nitched of blogging .

here is the description of long posts or short reviews of  products.

I’m also formally trained in cosmetics and skincare in  since 2007.

It was a proud day for me,when i was entered in  a beauty institute.

I had  my own salon in the same year.

I had successful run the salon.


I had a lovely experienced in during 2 years.

I had get along well with my customers.

I had a experienced of all types of skins .

Due of this,I know how to  dealed the real techniques of skins.

I got some earn through myself.


As the result,I got borned- tired for everytime.

Lacks of time,onced  I called it quit and got out of the situation.

I likes academic instead of beautician.but seriously,i was a quite frantic- i had gone missing !


I’m started away my career as a beauty junkie in past 2012.


you can say me , i was a newbie in social media.


I have   also made  friends.


My friends are very specials for me!!


I have a long circle of friends .

On the way from the life,i bumped into bloggers & beauty junkies of pakistan.


I get along well with my bloggers family.




I was a student of web designer & web development  from SKDC in past  2013.


I had done web designing and web developer.

I’m  a passionate writer.

Due of that! .i had  been running my skills  in notched of blogging.

The long  gap is  filled a real opportunity of Sephira  for me in 2014 since march .

I had been browsing a jobs through linked in in these days.

Sephora brings me a chance to sephorized the world.

Its’ a pretty thing for me.

I become a recruiter of SEP HORA .

I had a recruiter incensed of SE PH ORA.

God is  absolutely rewarding me!

Luckily,I’m a first girl who has recruit-ted jobs post of SEP HORA.

Thats i become a SEP HORA girl!

I had a huge haul of SEP HORA.


I was trying to come up with launching my own website in the year 2015.

I had a huge knowledge about the  cosmetics brands.

While,i was not a beauty blogger!!

I had never forgotten to read the bottom of the label first.

I believed,  a beauty blogger is not beauty blogger.

Before ,she picked any  beauty  related brands.

she must be know the ingredients of  product?

Is this beneficial or harmful what?

who doesn’t tell the facts and aware the brand quality?

I  strictly point out the truths and facts.

Every girl love to cart the product through the bloggers reviews.

A girl is randomly follow a beauty blogger.

Its’ a big big priority for me.

I asked 30 times of myself.

How much i loyal with my readers?


here is the description of long posts or short reviews of  products.


I thinks opportunities are the mists of life.

At the farooqi & farooqi co.. assists me a CEO of herb-shop in last year 2015.

Its’ really a big privilege for me.

I’m a part of herb-shop.

Herb-shop has launched in the nation wide stores of Pakistan.

In near future,you  will  see sure!