you may be surprised here,I didn’t publish the beauty post.
Every time ,i made a lots of junks the product through my perk.
It doesn’t meant that!,I show the sum of dona-ion here.

I felt so painful ,when i saw a sick street buggers children.

who has no slippers on his foots?

sometimes,you and me gave some rupees.

I did remember in my childhood. I asked my mom in 3 to more times.

Generally,whenever were going to screwed with any reasons.
We nagged the same question? until,knows the answered.

During,2 Years finally made realized.

I had not enough ,relaxed to donate the SIUT in each an every pocket money.

Last donation was 2,500 Something.

The raising some of funds through the via online.

Finally,I decided be a part of any good organization.

I had decided to go with LRBT.

I Will raising some funds through the above platform.


We want to be participate a brand Ambassadorship programs.

Being a bloggers,We bought a lots of products.

Lets’ reasons of smiles on their faces.!

Why,We doing together and work some for others?

Sisters’,We are the vogue of Pakistan.

We always promote a good things in life.

Decided to be a part of any charity,Who are serving the nation of pakistan.

You can serves the time charity in any old home of pakistan.
Time has very pricious for old mans’.

If,i would be a doctor or nurse.

I would be a part of SIUT.

On a routine we receive 22,000 children in clinics and over 2,600 for minor and major surgeries every year.

In order to provide the best medical care we need to upgrade our facilities for pediatric surgeries and request you to contribute the following resources:

If,You want to help those peoples,you should save life’s.
You can refers’ a patient.

SIUT is been saving the millions of life with no charges.
They treated the patients is absolutely free.

The range of the equipment’s is minimum 2000 to 28,000 PKR/=

You can supports the Equipment like,Operating Table, Anesthesia Machine,,Ultra Sonic Lithotripter,Pediatric Cycstoscope, Ventilator 760 (Pb),Miniscope


SIUT has the largest network of 9 SUIT cent-res across the country.
SIUT has successfully runs the largest transplant,dialysis and lithography cent res in Pakistan.
SUIT serves more than one million people every year free with dignity,but as our patient numbers grow ,so do our financial requirements.

Donate via Bank Deposit:

Deposit your donation in any branch of the banks mentioned on the back of this brochure.
Please be sure to use the corresponding account number.

Donate via Courier:
Make your cheques and drafts payable to SUIT TRUST and send it via courier to the given address on the back.

Donate in cash:
Cash domination can be made at SUIT or you can call us and we will come to collect the donation.(only for Karachi).

SIUT stands for Sindh Institute of urology and transportation.

Civil hospital is the affiliated partner of SUIT.

Volunteer program:

At SIUT, we work hard to live-up to your expectations and accomplish our goals of providing free treatment to all. Become a volunteer and lend us a hand!

People like you form our diverse team of adult and student volunteers. Our volunteers generously contribute their time, talents and skills to enhance the care, and provide service and support to our patients.

Student Volunteer program m:

SIUT runs a bi-annual Student Volunteer Program for students in grades 9th, 10th and their final year of O’ Levels. The goal of SIUT’s volunteer program is to incorporate a sense of social responsibility and education on introductory volunteer training to Pakistani youth. The program involves series of tours, workshops and lectures delivered by medical professionals. Other activities include interactive sessions such as watching films on current health and bioethics issues such as Organ Trade and Ethics and Culture in Medicine. Each activity is followed by lively discussions where students voice their opinions and got a chance to reflect on the themes presented to them.

You can donate through on mobile.


Insides a teen girl story:
I shared a teen girl story,here.
My,Darling sister sammar is very gracious.
She made a boxes of zakat for every friend and family.
shes’ very creative in since her childhood.
Shes is just 12 years old lives in America.
Shes’ very beauticiously.
Shes’ a student of 5 grades in school of taxes.
She saved her every pocket money in the boxes.
shes’ restricted the all family ,Put evey an each dollars or pennies through the box.she saved the minimum amout of 100 dollars in every two month.
While,she told the family members of pakistan.
she love to brings the money through the wedding event of MAD daughter or any realted issue.


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